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Our Vision

Honoring God by modeling Christ, thereby bringing our lives into harmony with Him and with each other in loving fellowship, and as a devout worshipping body; which cultivates an environment where people are discipled, nurtured, equipped and then sent out to serve and share the redeeming love of Christ to a lost world.

Our Mission

Exalt the Savior, empower the saints, evangelize the world!

Our Aim

Excellence in Ministry

A man of character and integrity, a servant at heart, diligent, dutiful and deliberate in his service, an example of leadership at its best . . . we have all that and more in Pastor Curtis Deener.  

New Hope is truly blessed to have "Pastor D", as we lovingly refer to him, on staff. He is responsible for the planning, development and establishing of NHBC's worship and celebration experiences through the gift of music, greetings, scripture and other appropriate readings and prayer, as well as sharing the Word of God and the good news of Jesus Christ through the use of song, multimedia, visual and non-visual performances. He works effectively 

with the Ministry Directors and as necessary with the Chairmen of Deacons and Trustees to ensure well coordinated presentations of the Worship and Celebrations.

Pastor D's lovely wife, Arita, and their two sons also call New Hope "home".

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