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Our Vision

Honoring God by modeling Christ, thereby bringing our lives into harmony with Him and with each other in loving fellowship, and as a devout worshipping body; which cultivates an environment where people are discipled, nurtured, equipped and then sent out to serve and share the redeeming love of Christ to a lost world.

Our Mission

Exalt the Savior, empower the saints, evangelize the world!

Our Aim

Excellence in Ministry

Robert J. Matthews

Senior Pastor

Get Connected!

How Do I Become Actively Involved in Ministry at New Hope?

At New Hope Baptist Church we strive to reach out to our members and the surrounding community to impact the lives of people with God's grace. We continually invite people to come worship with us and are excited when our guests make New Hope their church home. However, it does not stop there. We want to see people invest themselves in personal spiritual growth and become a part of the "core" of our church which consists of members who become actively involved in ministry; those who come not just to be served, but to look for a place to serve. 

There is no greater need facing us than that of making disciples of all mankind and bringing them into the fullness of life and faith of the church. Through the teaching ministries, Christians must live in obedience and in response to the Word of God. Therefore, the Ministry of Christ demands commitment to reaching, teaching, developing and involving church members in Christian service. Bearing this premise in mind, all members are requested and expected to actively participate in at least two of the various ministries of the church where you will gain spiritual insight and strength for the journey ahead.

Please click here and take a few moments to learn more about our ministry opportunities.

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