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Our Vision

Honoring God by modeling Christ, thereby bringing our lives into harmony with Him and with each other in loving fellowship, and as a devout worshipping body; which cultivates an environment where people are discipled, nurtured, equipped and then sent out to serve and share the redeeming love of Christ to a lost world.

Our Mission

Exalt the Savior, empower the saints, evangelize the world!

Our Aim

Excellence in Ministry

Our Staff

Robert J. Matthews, Senior Pastor

Curtis Deener, Pastor of Operations

Lee Calvin Lauderdale, Executive Pastor

Administrative Staff

Alta Medlock Smith, Administrative Assistant

Gloria Kelly, Membership Secretary

Deacons’ Ministry ~ Charles Ward

•  Men of Honor, Who Are Honest, Full of Wisdom and The Holy Ghost

1.  Artman, Venton

2.  Frazier, Marico

3.  Giles, John

4.  Herron, Larry

5.  Hines, Johnnie,V Chair

6.  Howard, Frank

7.  Johnson, Tommie

8.  Mack, Walter

9.  Perry, Gerald

10. Pope, Robert

11. Ward, Charles, Chair

Johnson, Charles (Emeritus)

Business and Finance Ministry ~ aka Trustee Ministry - Robert Pope, Chair

•  Men and Women of Honest Report and Spiritual Integrity

1.  Franklin, Carlos

2.  Herron, Shearon

3.  Pope, Robert – Chairman

4.  Smith, D C

5.  Webb, Tracii

6.  Pope, Tasha - Treasurer

7.  Willis, Kelvin

8.  Williams, Lee

9.  Henderson, Linda

Facility and Property Manager ~ Kelvin Willis

Building Engineer ~ Nathanial Brown

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