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Our Vision

Honoring God by modeling Christ, thereby bringing our lives into harmony with Him and with each other in loving fellowship, and as a devout worshipping body; which cultivates an environment where people are discipled, nurtured, equipped and then sent out to serve and share the redeeming love of Christ to a lost world.

Our Mission

Exalt the Savior, empower the saints, evangelize the world!

Our Aim

Excellence in Ministry

Robert J. Matthews

Senior Pastor

Church History

Reverend L.E. Miller Sr.

○  Organized NHBC in 1916 with only seven converted souls. The church was located on Chafen Street, and then later moved to Cherry and Frank Street.

○  Later the church moved to a newly built building at 649 Pearl Place.

○  Under the direction and encouragement of Bro. B.L. Holmes the frame of the building was bricked in 1928.

○  After the death of Pastor Miller (1945), the assistant pastor was the interim shepherd, then Reverend H. D. Childress was elected pastor and he organized the Teacher’s League and Missionary Society.

Reverend A.J. Pryor

○  Elected pastor August 16, 1949, the pulpit and new pews were installed under his administration. 

Dr. Charles B. Burgs

○  Elected pastor October 20, 1953. There were added facilities to the church which included a Christian Education Building, baptistery, more Sunday School classes, music department, and more.

○  Motivated the youth.

Reverend T.L. James, Sr.

○  Elected pastor April 2, 1970, the church moved to 1581 Ball Rd. Under his administration the membership grew bountifully.

○  He was an outstanding preacher and had a great music ministry.

Dr. Lawrence Risby, Sr.

○  Elected pastor May 16, 1977. Under his administration several ministries were instituted which included a bus ministry, Busy Bees Ministry.

○  The New Hope Enrichment Center opened; the church became members of the Riverside Association and the East Memphis Ushers Union Association.

○  We celebrated the mortgage burning at the Ball Road location, November 20, 1988.

Reverend Robert J. Matthews

○  Elected pastor October 2, 1990. His first sermon at New Hope was entitled "Walking Together with the Lord" (Genesis 5:24). The church has grown by leaps and bounds; the membership increased by 200 souls during his first year.

○  The facility was greatly improved, new ministries were established, existing ones were energized and inactive members began to work.

○  We presently have approximately 25 ministries.

○  The Mighty Men of Valor was instituted; their purpose was to encourage and motivate the men to be come active in their homes, church and the community. Because of the ministry, several programs were instituted: The Men's Convocation, Junior Trusted Partners Sunday School class and a mentoring program.

○  The Youth and Yount Adult Ministry flourished.

○  Sisterhood in Christ Ministry was instituted and its purpose was to help young ladies develop lifestyles of holiness through prayer, bible study and mentoring.

○  Other ministries included the Praise Dance Ministry and Banner Ministry Drill Team.

○  The Youth and Young Adults held their first overnight retreat under Pastor Matthews' leadership.

○  The church bought more than 10 acres of land on September 25, 1995 which was property formerly know as the Bellevue Drive-In.

○  On November 19, 1995, the congregation motorcaded to the Bellevue location and dedicated the property; ground breaking ceremony was held January 7, 2001 and on Resurrection Sunday, March 25, 2002, we had the grand opening of our Family Life Center, which also serves as our Worship Center.

○  To date, our active membership has increased by approximately 600 members with over 1000 on roll.

The Lord continues to prove Himself and move in the midst of His people. We are awaiting our grand opening of our new sanctuary which is coming soon. And it is so in the name of Jesus!

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